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"People are looking for a place where they will be cared for comfortably, respectfully and professionally, " says Dr. Pete Holmes, who has been providing patients with a unique and personal experience in dental care for more than two decades. "My staff and I are committed to providing exceptional dentistry that benefits each patient's overall health in a caring, informative and respectful environment while treating the needs of each individual."

"What makes this practice unique is our focus on treating the 'whole person', which means taking care of people's dental needs, as well as their emotional, financial and overall health concerns."

Dr. Pete's cutting-edge clinical techniques and technology coupled with his gentle style, kindness, honesty and compassion are the hallmarks of his exceptional dentistry. With each new patient, the doctor conducts a personal interview to establish a relationship with that individual and discuss proposed treatment options and offer appropriate advice on a variety of dental issues.

With the goal of providing "comprehensive dental care," Dr. Pete treats patients needs with a range of procedures including preventative care, restorative, implant and cosmetic dentistry.

As a general dentist, Dr. Pete has extensive training in cosmetic dental procedures which can be as simple as teeth whitening, or can consist of more involved procedures such as bonding, tooth shaping, veneers and other options to brighten your smile and your outlook.

Riverfront Dental has spent years working with sensitive patients and uses the most durable, safest and biocompatible materials available for your body and health.

"We're in the business of taking care of people," says Dr. Pete, adding that he always enjoys meeting new patients. "Good oral health is an integral part of a healthier life."

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